Welcome To Gum Log Plantation

Welcome to Gum Log Plantation in Abbeville Georgia

Welcome to Gum Log Plantation

Come visit the peace and relaxation that is Gum Log Plantation just minutes out of Abbeville GA. Gumlog Plantation has 1100 acres surrounding it along the Ocmulgee River. Gumlog Plantation also has over 2000 acres within two other tracts, in Dodge and Telfair county. If you're ready to do some world-class wild hog hunting, everyone knows that Abbeville, GA is THE boar hunting capital. Gum Log is the place to go!

World Class Hog Hunting and More

Gum Log is loaded with deer, turkey, and hogs and has been trophy managed for the last 10 years. The lodge was built in 2001 by Cary WIlliams for family use and entertaining clients of Cary's concrete business. It has only been opened up to the public for guided hunts and corporate retreats in the last year. When you would like to just get away from the world and experience some outdoors time with your group, Gum Log Plantation is the place to go - built BY hunters FOR hunters. Experience TRUE Georgia hog hunting! Come and visit us today!

Big E TV at Gum Log Plantation


Keith Warren Does Hog Hunting At Gum Log

Deer Season Starts Soon !

September 8th – Archery Deer Season begins

October 20th – Deer Season is open to all Firearms

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